3 Excellent Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Swimming Lessons

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3 Excellent Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Swimming Lessons

24 February 2016
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If you would like your child to learn to swim and/or if they have expressed a desire to learn how to swim, you should definitely consider enrolling them in swimming lessons. These lessons will not only teach them how to swim, but will come with several other added benefits as well. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should enroll your child in swim lessons, this article will help you out by discussing 3 excellent reasons to enroll your child in swimming lessons. 

Certified Instructors 

You may have tossed around the idea of teaching your children to swim on your own, but you probably don't even know where to begin. If you sign your child up for swimming lessons they will be taught by a certified swimming instructor that knows exactly how to teach your child to swim. They will start with teaching them how to hold their breath under water in a safe and appropriate manner, and will then move onto teaching them how to kick with the assistance of a paddle board. From there, they will be taught how to properly move their arms for different strokes, such as doggy paddling, breast stroke, etc. After they have learned the basics, they can then be taught more advanced swimming techniques, as well as how to float on their back, etc. Knowing that your child is being taught by someone who is going to teach them all that they need to know in the proper order to swim successfully can really help you to feel more comfortable as your child learns to swim. 

Water Safety

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for young children. There are about 390 children who drown each year who are from the ages of 0-14. Because of this, it is so important that your child is taught water safety. Thankfully, this is something that they will be taught during swimming lessons. Your child will be properly taught what to do in the water when they are tired, when they have a leg cramp, etc., so not only will they know how to swim, they will know how to act in difficult swimming situations. 


While adults are told all of the time what a great exercise swimming is, they same holds true for a child. Swimming is an excellent physically activity for them because it is low impact, while still allowing them to get their heart rate up and work a variety of different muscles. They may even find a love for swimming that they didn't know they had and will have a desire to join a swim team and become competitive.