4 Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Day Camp

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4 Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Day Camp

16 November 2016
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Signing your kids up for a day camp during the summer while they are out of school and you are at work is a great way to ensure that your children are still experiencing and learning new things. It also ensures that your children are spending the summer continuing to socialize with other kids instead of being trapped inside of the house all day. To prepare your children for day camp, here are four helpful tips to know.

  1. Visit the Camp: Taking a tour of the camp can ensure that your child is more comfortable when you drop them off on the first day. This is because they will know where they are going. Giving them this sense of confidence will ensure that they are less likely to be shy on their first day. 
  2. Look at Pictures: Most day camps will have a website that you can visit that will have pictures as well as a list of activities that your children can expect to participate in. When you look through these pictures, it can motivate your child to actually want to get involved in the camp. This is especially helpful if your child has been complaining about not wanting to go. This will help the process of taking your child to camp be less like pulling teeth on the day that you have to drop them off. 
  3. Get Packed the Night Before: Most day camps will provide a list of items that your child needs to bring with them on their first day. Getting packed together the night before will ensure that your child is a bit more excited about going the next day. Just be sure to let them choose the things they want to bring instead of giving them only one option. If your child likes their beat-up water bottle over the new water bottle that you bought for them, for example, let them pack it. 
  4. Talk About the Camp: The week following your child's first day at day camp, you should be talking about it. This way, if your child has questions about camp, they can be answered. You can also provide encouragement to counteract any fears that they might have about going to the camp. For example, some kids will be worried about making friends. 

When you utilize these four helpful tips for your child's first time at day camp, you are more likely to have a child who is excited about camp rather than fearful or shy.