The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Musical Theater Summer Camp

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The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Musical Theater Summer Camp

3 November 2020
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What should you look for in a musical theater summer camp? If this is your child's first experience with a summer-time or out-of-school arts program, take a look at the questions to ask before you choose one option.

Do You Have Camp Goals for Your Child?

Why do you want your child to go to a camp with a musical theater specialization? List the goals you have for your child and this experience before you start the selection process. These could include:

  • Making new friends. Sixty-nine percent of parents say their children remain in contact with summer camp friends, according to the American Camp Association. If your child enjoys the performing arts, a musical theater camp gives them the chance to make friends with similar interests.
  • Building new skills. A summer session spent immersed in the performing arts gives your child the opportunity to build dance, acting, and vocal skills.
  • Exploring a career. Older children and teens who have a serious interest in the performing arts can use a summer experience to explore their future in the field.

Use these goals or your own specific objectives to match your child with the just-right camp. Talk to the camp's director, ask past/current campers and their families, or look for references that speak to how well the program matches each point on your list.

Does Your Child Have Camp Goals for Themselves?

While younger children may not know what they want in a camp, older kids, tweens, and teens often do. To better understand what your child's camp goals include, ask them:

  • Why do you want to go to camp? This question gets to the root of your child's musical theater goals. Write down each point they mention and look for a camp that provides all (or as many as possible) the opportunities they want.
  • What is your favorite part of musical theater? Does your child truly enjoy singing, dancing, and acting equally, or do they have a favorite? If your child wants to spend more time in one aspect of musical theater than the others, make sure a specialization option is available.
  • How long do you want to spend at camp? Get a feel for how much time your child wants to devote to camp. Some children may want an intensive full summer program, while others prefer a week-long session.

Along with these questions, ask your child whether they want to attend a day or overnight camp. The answer can help you to significantly narrow your children's musical theater summer camp options. Contact a children's musical theater summer camp for more information.