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4 Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Day Camp

16 November 2016
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Signing your kids up for a day camp during the summer while they are out of school and you are at work is a great way to ensure that your children are still experiencing and learning new things. It also ensures that your children are spending the summer continuing to socialize with other kids instead of being trapped inside of the house all day. To prepare your children for day camp, here are four helpful tips to know. Read More …

Finding Daycare In Line With Your Beliefs As An Unschooler

7 August 2016
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Unschooling is the belief that children learn naturally and do not need outside interference from curriculums, schools or other types of formal instruction. If you believe in unschooling and you've decided to register your child as a homeschooler, you may be well on your way to some exciting adventures. However, if you also need to find a child care center to watch your child occasionally as you work or do other things, you may want to look for a child care center that can support you in your unschooling journey. Read More …

3 Excellent Reasons To Enroll Your Child In Swimming Lessons

24 February 2016
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If you would like your child to learn to swim and/or if they have expressed a desire to learn how to swim, you should definitely consider enrolling them in swimming lessons. These lessons will not only teach them how to swim, but will come with several other added benefits as well. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should enroll your child in swim lessons, this article will help you out by discussing 3 excellent reasons to enroll your child in swimming lessons. Read More …

4 Preschool Science Experiments

4 January 2016
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Does your child have a natural curiosity for nature? Why not encourage your child's scientific abilities? Preschools offer fun ways for children to be involved in science through fun experiments. You can replicate these experiments in your own home. Here are four science experiments for preschoolers: 1. Make fossils Making fossils is a fun way to teach children about the prehistoric past while also creating fun art. Here is a list of supplies: Read More …