Teaching My Children How To Read

Teaching kids how to read while they're very young will only serve to improve their education. Click here for more information.

4 Preschool Science Experiments

4 January 2016
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Does your child have a natural curiosity for nature? Why not encourage your child's scientific abilities? Preschools offer fun ways for children to be involved in science through fun experiments. You can replicate these experiments in your own home. Here are four science experiments for preschoolers: 1. Make fossils Making fossils is a fun way to teach children about the prehistoric past while also creating fun art. Here is a list of supplies: Read More …

Looking For A Preschool? 2 Things You Should Ask Potential Teachers

4 November 2015
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If you are a busy working parent looking for a preschool, you might be tempted to enroll your child in the program closest to your home with a decent reputation. However, careful consideration of preschool programs might help you to create a healthy learning experience for your child. Here are two things you should ask potential teachers: 1: "What does the daily routine consist of?" Sure, your kid might love to play with toys, but if he or she is used to being by your side 24/7, they might object to being left at preschool while you head off to work for the day. Read More …

The Benefits Of A Virtual Charter School For Your Child

2 November 2015
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No two children learn the same, each one possessing a special talent for learning. In large classrooms at brick and mortar schools, pinpointing each child's talent for learning is difficult and many times impossible for one teacher. For many kids today, being taught at home is the best way for learning and for making it over hurdles that would otherwise challenge them in a traditional classroom setting. If you are worried about your child's progress in a brick and mortar public school, check out these benefits of learning online at a virtual charter school. Read More …

Growing Pains: 5 Tips For Managing Preschooler Stress

29 October 2015
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Childhood is often thought of as an idyllic time when kids are free to explore the world without worrying about adult concerns. However, kids today are exposed to stressful experiences during early childhood, such as parental separation and divorce, which can impact their future development. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, early exposure to prolonged stress can result in delayed brain growth and disrupted neuron connections that can influence a child's behavior into adulthood. Read More …

Which Child Care Program Is The Best For My Child’s Summer Off?

28 October 2015
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Besides giving your child the education he or she needs to survive in life, the public school system also provides an unofficial childcare service. But when summer rolls around, you may be wondering how to ensure that your child is cared for while you are at your new job. There are a couple of options available to you, but the best option for most parents is to enroll their children in daycare services. Read More …